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What is a Deposit Bond?

A deposit bond is like a digital IOU instead of putting down cash when you buy a house.

A deposit bond is a digital certificate instead of a cash deposit. It guarantees your deposit and lets you pay later when you settle the property purchase.

The benefits of deposit bonds:

  • It’s just as good as cash.
  • You don’t need cash upfront.
  • It’s quick and easy.
  • You can make offers and buy without waiting to gather a cash deposit.
  • You buy now and pay the deposit later.
  • No extra fees or interest.
  • Reduces stress and worry.
  • You can use your cash for other investments

What it is:

  • A guarantee for your deposit
  • As secure as cash
  • Legitimate and trusted
  • Widely accepted

What it isn’t:

  • A home loan
  • A bank’s promise to pay
  • Costly
  • Full of complicated paperwork

How does a deposit bond work?

Once you have your deposit bond:

  • You can start looking for properties, make offers, and buy immediately.
  • You use the digital bond to secure the property, just like cash.
  • You only pay the deposit once the property purchase is settled, and then it’s all yours.

Deposit bonds can be used for:

  • Buying at auction or through private sale
  • Deposits up to 10% of the property price
  • Settlement terms up to 5.5 years

Who can use deposit bonds?

  • Buyers
    Act quickly even if you don’t have the deposit. A deposit bond gives you buying power.
  • First Home Buyers
    Get into the market without paying a deposit upfront.
  • Investors
    Your money isn’t tied up in a deposit, so you can invest it elsewhere.
  • Sellers
    Deposit bonds protect your deposit, and you still get it if the deal falls through.
  • Off the Plan Purchasers
    Deposit bonds cover any delays, so you’re not stuck with a cash deposit.
  • Commercial Buyers
    Buy commercial property without tying up your cash.

Ready to find out more?

Contact our team to find out if a deposit bond is the right option for you and get started today.

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